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5 Anzac Day Floral Symbols and Their Meanings

Anzac stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, and April 25, 1915, was observed and commemorated as Anzac Day. Every year on this day, people celebrate the soldiers' courage and bravery during the first world war. People recognise the military service history and remember those who served in the war once.

Today, people show their support and respect for this day by participating in marches, baking festive biscuits or wearing floral symbols. Each activity holds deep meaning and symbolism behind them, especially floral.


1. Red Poppies

Anzac Day is all about honouring the memory of those who gave their lives while fighting in the war. And the red poppy symbolises both remembrance and hope for a peaceful future.

The association of Flander Poppy or Red Poppy with Anzac Day goes way back in history. During the first world war, these flowers were the first to grow in Flanders fields on the Western Front. Inspired by the sight of red poppies, Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae, a Canadian Medic, wrote the poem - In Flanders Fields while serving outside Belgium.

Red Poppies


2. Anzac Wreaths

People place these circular or teardrop-shaped arrangements of pretty flowers and leaves over the graves of the brave soldiers. The wreath symbolises triumph and bravery and its teardrop or circular shape represents warmth and remembrance.

Many people send Anzac Day Wreaths to families/friends to show their support and love. While picking flowers in Melbourne, consider finding florists who provide well-created options for Anzac Wreaths like Melbourne Fresh Flowers.

 Anzac Wreaths


3. Rosemary

Its beautiful green stem, leaves and flowers symbolise commemoration and fidelity. It grows wild on the Gallipoli Peninsula, where original Anzacs served in World War I. It's a part of the tradition to wear rosemary sprigs as a symbol of remembrance. The fragrance of this herb stimulates memory and improves mood.


4. Gallipoli Rose

It's also known as Cistus Salviifolius or Rockrose, which has long white petals, a bright yellow centre and a pleasant fragrance. It represents the strength and determination shown by the soldiers on the battlefield. Grown from plant seeds army men brought back home, today it's made available for everyone who wishes to create commemorative plantings.

 Gallipoli Rose


5. Rosa Hybrida or Anzac Rose

Popularly understood as tea roses, Anzac Rose symbolises renewal and hope. While sending Anzac Day flowers, you may want to consider these gorgeous red beauties that can ignite hope in the hearts of those who've lost someone to the war.

You have all these traditional options, pick the suitable ones and bring them along to the Anzac Day Dawn Service to reflect and remember during those peaceful quiet moments.

Anzac Rose



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