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5 Flowers to Brighten Up Your Christmas Decor

'Tis the season to celebrate, and nothing says Christmas better than a home decorated with a festive vibe. Everyone loves to gather Christmas decorations like candy canes, stockings, the big tree, colourful lights and everything else that screams - Have a Holly Jolly Christmas. But did you know that flowers hold a special connection to Christmas? 

A Mexican legend  tells us that once a girl didn't have any money to buy any presents to gift to Jesus, all she could get were some flower weeds which she brought to the Church and placed at a nativity scene. These weeds then turned into red plants known as Poinsettias, which today are part of the Christmas decor. Its shape is seen as a symbol of the Star of Bethlehem, which led the wise men to Jesus. 

People also buy this beautiful flower for their decor to spread good cheer and success to all. Just like Poinsettias, there are many other flowers for Christmas which fit perfectly well with the festive decoration. Curious to know which ones? Keep reading to find out. 


1. Red Peonies 

Their beautiful red petals make them a perfect Christmas flower arrangement to place at home or gift to your friends/family. People often gift Peonies on special occasions as it symbolises joy, best wishes and beauty. This winter-season flower will make your home shine bright and blend well with your white and green decor. 

 Red Peonies

2. White Roses

All those who fall in love with the Christmas spirit and embrace it with all their love will find a Christmas flower arrangement of white roses magical and beautiful. These simple and sweet blooms will make everyone embrace the innocence and purity of this incredible festival. You can pick a mix-and-match floral bouquet or DIY your arrangement online. 

 White Roses


3. Amaryllis

These large trumpet flowers combined with winterberry will add to the traditional Christmas look. You can place these above your fireplace and stockings beside the green holly decor, and they will brighten up the gloomy winter days and spread Christmas cheer. 



4. Red Carnations

People decorate every corner of the house for Christmas, including the kitchen table. The perfect addition to this red and white table setting would be red carnation centrepieces. This Christmas flower decoration symbolises the admiration people hold for the holiday traditions. 

 Red Carnation


5. Tulip Twist

A simple but remarkable Christmas flower arrangement for your decor would be red tulips with white lilies and some green leaves to create the perfect holiday colours. The purity of lilies and joy from tulips will bring immense festive happiness to your home. 



You can be creative in decorating the floral arrangements, like keeping red roses in a weave basket or adding cinnamon sticks, pine cones and fairy lights to the garland to make it fragrant and pretty. You could also add festive decorations inside a vase before placing red Christmas flowers. Remember to get Christmas flower delivery in Melbourne a few days before 25th December or talk to the florist about recommending flowers which can last for more than a week as decor. 


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