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5 Popular Easter Flowers & Their Meaning

What makes Easter special? Easter Day is almost a 2000-year-old Christian holiday that marks the arrival of spring and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This auspicious day is known for Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies, lilies or daffodils and many other flower bouquets. 

Many people celebrate this day with church bells, church services, music, candlelight and flowers. The festival represents rebirth and new beginnings by gifting a bouquet alongside a box of chocolates or more. 

Traditionally, there are many flowers associated with Easter which symbolise something extraordinary. Find out which are the best Easter flowers to gift others - 

1. Easter Lily 

Trumpet-shaped and white, a lily bouquet showcases purity, hope and resurrection. Based on the legend, after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Garden of Gethsemane had lilies growing where Jesus had prayed the night before. 

A bouquet of lilies will not only feel beautiful and fragrant but will also have an insightful meaning. 

2. Dazzling Daffodils 



These flowers bloom close to spring, making them a beautiful holiday symbol. Daffodils are one of the first to bloom, marking the arrival of a new season, which further symbolises new life. These bright yellow daffodil bulbs go well with the easter eggs and other decorations. 

3. Tulip Mix 

It's symbolic of love, happiness and life, and with its several different bright colours, it makes for a heartwarming bouquet on Easter Day. They are also called the harbingers of spring. The yellow ones represent joy and friendship; the pink ones symbolise innocence and youth, purple symbolises royalty. 

To show your love and care on Easter Day, you can give a mix of tulips bouquets to your near and dear ones. 

4. Radiant Rose

roses arrangements

These flowers evoke hope and signify love and beauty. The yellow rose especially represents friendship, happiness and care. Gifting a roses bouquet is a sweet gesture that shows you care for the other person. These flowers are a popular gifting choice, no 

matter which occasion. For Easter Day, make the perfect choice and gift a yellow rose.

5. Sunny Sunflower 

Sunflowers Bouquet


Cheer and joy will spread in the room as a sunflower bouquet  livens up the whole Easter decor. This highly spiritual flower is symbolic of true faith and devotion, and its vibrant yellow petals bring healing and growth to all. Gifting these to anyone will showcase your wish for them to live a happy and long life. 

Easter is a special occasion, and you can get more than one flower delivery in Melbourne and pick others like Easter Cactus, Daisies, Hyacinth and more. 

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