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5 Symbolic Flowers to Gift on International Women’s Day

Aren't flowers a great way to express your emotions? This tradition of gifting flowers has been around for years, and different flowers have a unique meaning associated with them. They play a significant role on International Women's Day as history includes Italian activists giving each woman a branch of mimosa flower to show their support and empower each other. 

Did you know that the language of flowers is called floriography ? It's about a symbolic form of communication, and each flower's characteristics, colours, and peculiarities determine the language behind them. Your gesture of gifting flowers becomes heartwarming when you choose a bunch that holds a thoughtful reason behind it. Wouldn't it be sweet to pick out the flowers with a symbolic meaning behind them? 

So, for this International Women's Day 2022, think about your female employees, mentor, daughter, wife, sister, mother and which flowers resemble their strength, beauty and ability to inspire others. Here's a list that includes flower names and their symbolism that will help you choose a thoughtful bouquet.


1. Roses

Roses are of different kinds. The red rose symbolises strength, beauty and passion. On the other hand, the yellow ones are about warmth and care. And the pink one represents elegance and happiness. Many people go for roses on special occasions because they bring out a positive aura and outrightly expresses your appreciation for the woman. An arrangement of roses is a perfect way to tell a woman she's full of strength, passion, care and happiness. 



2. Carnations

Many authors, artists and poets have been inspired by this flower. It's one of the favourites that people wish to give on International Women's Day. Pink carnations are popular as they convey gratitude. White carnations are all about good luck, and red ones symbolise love and affection. So, if you're the boss, pink carnations might be the way to show you appreciate your female employee's hard work. White and red ones are a perfect way to express your care for the women who shower you with positive words and affection every day. These are highly accessible for flower delivery in Melbourne, and they're long-lasting. 




Orchids are associated with beauty and strength. Every woman possesses these qualities. If this year, on International Women's Day, you're trying to remind the women in your life how strong and beautiful they are, this will be the ideal arrangement. Its long stems and beautiful petals express your appreciation for her. 


4. Gerbera Daisy

Its bright and radiant colours symbolise joy and vibrance. Give a beautiful arrangement of this flower to every woman who is enthusiastic and builds positivity around you. These flowers are also available in different shades.


5. Hydrangeas 

Hydrangeas evoke a sense of beauty, gratitude and grace. A lovely bouquet of this flower gives women countless reasons to admire them. They're perfect for appreciation and sending out good luck. 

When you place an order for flower delivery in Melbourne from any florist, you'll find different bouquet options, and you can ask them for an arrangement that includes any of the above flowers. So, spread some cheer and show your support on this International Women's Day 2022. 


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