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Impress this Valentine’s Day with the Right Flowers

If you think about Valentine's Day, what comes to mind? Red roses are the first thing that pops into our heads, and who can blame us when the tradition of giving red roses on Valentine's Day dates back to the 17th century? This tale began long ago when roses were known to express love and were Venus's (the Goddess of Love) favourite choice. She believed they held strong feelings and were perfect to gift someone as Valentine's Day flowers. And today, roses are one of the most popular flowers for Valentine's Day. According to Fox24, 64% of men buy flowers for Valentine's Day and gift them to someone they love.  


Does this mean that you should only gift roses for Valentine's Day? Not at all! Over the years, people started buying different flowers which can help express what they feel for their significant other. So, which are the best flowers for Valentine's Day? 



A lovely bunch of carnations are the second most popular flower for Valentine's Day after roses. They come in various colours, but the red ones are perfect for expressing deep affection, a love that lasts forever and admiration for the other person. If your loved one is not fond of red colour, you can also gift white carnations, which means pure love.

 Carnations for Valentine's Day



If you want to create a memorable romantic gesture, get the Valentine's Day flower delivery in Melbourne service to surprise your loved one with a bouquet of lilies at their doorstep. Trumpet lilies are an elegant and admirable choice which symbolises joy and dedication. A small message card with that bouquet of lilies will complete your gesture and make Valentine's Day special for them. Remember, while choosing the colour, white lilies represent purity and commitment, pink ones express grace, love and admiration and red ones honour passion. 

 Lilies Bouquet for Valentine's Day



Another great and popular Valentine's Day flower choice is a bouquet of tulips. Red tulips signify passion and romantic love. Some people have said that tulips are perfect for saying I love you. Also, tulips can last for weeks when kept in a vase and filled with water.  

 Tulips Bouquet for Valentine's Day



While it is not everyone's first choice, orchids can be a wonderful surprise as they last longer and are a wonderful reminder that someone is thinking of you every day. Imagine someone sitting at their work desk the next day and smiling away, remembering your beautiful gesture. Orchids help express your affection for your loved ones' beauty, charm and thoughtfulness. Orchids are one of the most sophisticated flowers for Valentine’s Day. 

Orchids for Valentine's Day 



On Valentine's Day, many florists in Melbourne put together different variations of bouquets to gift red roses to their better halves. Being the most popular flower for 14th February, it excites lovebirds to mark their first Valentine's Day with a box of roses. It is the best way to impress someone and make them feel loved. Roses signify passion, desire and romance. So, if your partner loves roses, they will fall head over heels for a bouquet delivery. 

 Roses for Valentine's Day

Remember to pick the flower which can express your feelings, and do not forget to pair it with a box of chocolates, wine and a sweet message card. If you live far away from your partner, get Valentine's Day flower delivery in Melbourne from any florist and surprise them. 


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