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The Essential Guide To Australian Native Flowers

Australian native flowers are known for their stunning colour, beautiful smell and different varieties. And, they hold immense power of building desired emotions of every kind without fail. If you are planning to buy & send flowers in Melbourne to your loved ones then stay with us till the end.



List of Australian native flowers

There are multiple Australian native flowers that florists in Melbourne use to make gorgeous and heart-warming flower arrangements & bouquets. Some of them are -

  • Desert Flame,
  • Canberra Bells,
  • Aussie Box,
  • Wattle,
  • Lilly pilly,
  • Wax flowers,
  • Australian honeysuckles, etc.

    If you want to send some wedding anniversary flowers then ask for a bouquet with wattle, roses and desert flame. You can choose the colour and varieties according to your taste.

    What season is best for Australian native flowers?



    Every flower has a different season to bloom and the same goes with the natives.  For example, Aussie box flowers bloom during the spring & summer seasons; native honeysuckles are known as Banksia or Cherry Candles grow well in sunny conditions & must be chosen for happy birthday flowers; bottlebrushes are summer flowers; Canberra bells start blooming late summer till winter; Eucalyptus are winter flowers that must be included in the package of sympathy flower delivery in Melbourne, etc.

    What is the native and most popular flower of Australia?



    Golden Wattle is the native and most popular flower of Australia & is also the country’s national flower. It has the colours green & gold and can be found across Australia. However, some also consider Eucalyptus as the most popular flower in Australia which has around 2800 species & imparts strength, abundance and protection emotions. They are great if you are looking for delivering some sympathy flowers in Melbourne to your loved ones. 


    How are Australian native flowers arranged?



    here isn't any hard and fast rule to arranging native or even imported flowers. That totally depends on your flower choice, occasion, availability, and the creativity of the florists. While buying anniversary flowers in Melbourne, choose ones with a colour pop bouquet or a joy-full bouquet. Get a pure white flower bouquet or florist choice bouquet while searching for birthday flower delivery in Melbourne.

    Australian Native Flowers Trending in 2022



    Though the trend differs on multiple occasions but there are some flowers that are winning the hearts of people in Australia in 2022 & for which people are choosing online flower delivery in Melbourne a lot. These are -

    • Sunflowers
    • Natives including Eucalyptus, Wattle, etc.

    Furthermore, it is found that the Asymmetrical arrangement of flowers is the highly preferred one and grouped styling of flowers is another pattern that people are choosing as 2022 flowers in Melbourne. Also, there has been a surge in monochromatic flower arrangements where people are opting for the same colour flowers on various occasions.

    There are multiple florists who offer to order flowers online in Melbourne option, follow the trend properly, and a few also allow same-day flower delivery in Melbourne to let people convey the essence of emotions without any hurdle. Now that you have understood the full guide to native Australian flowers, choose your favourite and surprise your buddies & family members with a mesmerizing floral arrangement today!

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