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Why Poinsettias are the official Christmas flower?

You might be confused about which flower to buy for Christmas. There is an obvious answer for the best Christmas flower in Melbourne to choose from. Poinsettias are small Mexican shrubs with large colorful leaves, it is a popular plant used during Christmas. Poinsettia is a plant with small yellow flowers surrounding colorful leaves which are often red in color. The reason it's used as a Christmas flower is due to its beautiful scarlet bracts which are shaped like a star. The star-shaped bracts symbolize the Star of Bethlehem and are thus significant to the festival of Christmas. Poinsettias got their name from Joel Robert Poinsett who was the first US ambassador to Mexico. He brought poinsettias with him to the US from Mexico in the early 1800 and now they are an integral part of Christmas flowers in Melbourne.


Poinsettias are known as official flower of Christmas

Christmas flower poinsettias have a very old Mexican legend which might explain their significance on Christmas. According to the legend, there once lived a poor Mexican girl whose name was Pepita, because of her poverty she couldn't afford to buy a good present for the baby Jesus who had been born on Christmas eve. Feeling disappointed and sad she walked towards the chapel, her cousin tried to cheer her up by telling her that Jesus will accept even the smallest gift if it's given with devotion. Pepita took some weeds from the roadside and bundled them up in a bouquet, and decided to give that as a present to Jesus.

 Christmas Poinsettias Plant

She walked to the altar and tried to recall what her cousin Pedro told her and felt a deep devotion and love for Jesus. She kept the bouquet at the bottom of the nativity scene and started to pray. The bouquet of weeds turned into bright red flowers, everyone presents there was shocked as they had experienced a miracle. From that day the red flowers came to be known as ‘Flores de Noche Buena’ or ‘holy night flowers’. The flower always blooms on the day of Christmas and is given as a gift on Christmas. These Christmas flower poinsettias that bloom during the Christmas season represent wealth, prosperity, and happiness; it is also believed to bring immense good luck to the family.


Fun facts about poinsettias

  • Poinsettias are not only scarlet in color, they come in a variety of colors like white, yellow, pink, marbled, and so on.
  • Poinsettias may appear as red flowers but they actually are modified leaves that appear like flowers.
  • For poinsettias to bloom they need good sunshine and dark nights.
  • December 12th is marked as the national poinsettia day.
  • Poinsettias are often considered poisonous weeds but they are actually not poisonous and are completely safe.


Christmas flower poinsettias  Melbourne


Poinsettias are the best Christmas plant that anyone can keep in their home, because of their bright and attractive color it is very used as decorative plants for Christmas. Now that you are aware of the legend and the beauty of this Christmas plant, buy yourself a plant and bring warmth and happiness this Christmas. You can order Christmas flowers online so that you decorate your homes with fresh and beautiful flowers. You can get yourself the best Christmas flower arrangement by adding in a few poinsettias and making your home Christmas-themed and relishing its beauty.


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