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Delivery Information

Aarvi’s Flowers believe in offering only hand-picked flowers that are fresh and beautiful. Besides, we continuously strive to provide high-end delivery services to every client all over Melbourne. With us, you can be assured of floral quality & timely delivery without having any second thoughts.


Aarvi’s Flowers Delivery Times & Information


Delivery Times

We get our flowers bundles around 6 AM – 8 AM every day after which we start preparing the bouquets and arrangements between 8 AM to 11 AM. Most of the orders are picked by our delivery partner between 11 AM to 1 PM and depending upon the destination, they get delivered before 5 PM for Business and 6 PM for Residential.

However, most of the orders are delivered by 4 PM. But some gets delayed due to heavy traffic or any unforeseen situations.


Order Details:



During these weekdays, we deliver all the orders before 5 PM for Business and 7 PM for Residential. Besides, we will offer you same-day delivery if you make an order before 1 PM.

Though we believe in providing on-time delivery but sometimes due to huge traffic or unpredictable conditions, the deliveries might get late.

You can also contact us for any time-specific delivery demand while placing your order. However, there will be extra charges for that, depending upon the delivery time.



Usually, we offer the service from 1-5 PM on Saturdays. But the timings are different during floral events like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc.

Apart from this, we advise you (especially if you want timed delivery) to provide an alternative address to which we can refer in case of any address glitch.


Delivery Process

  1. We curate a beautiful bouquet/vase as per your requirements.
  2. Our delivery partner picks up the order and delivers it to you at your doorstep.
  3. If it’s a business delivery, our delivery guy will leave the order at Reception.
  4. If it’s a residential delivery, we personally hand over the order to you.

But if recipient is not at Home/ Unit then –

  • We will deliver the order at the alternative address,
  • Or at some safe place and inform you about it,
  • If the place is not safe, we bring it back to the store and deliver it the next day (extra charges apply)
  • We also try to contact the sender/recipient to discuss the next course of action if the receiver is not at home.

As we have to make multiple deliveries in a day, it is not possible to reroute the order once we miss it. Hence, it will be delivered the next day only.


Delivery Updates

We understand the need for updates especially for the sender’s to confirm the smooth delivery of his order. Hence, we send SMS and email to the sender’s phone number and email address confirming the order and its delivery.


Delivery Areas in Melbourne

Though we strive to deliver each order on time and cover as many areas as we can, there are some places where we do not guarantee the delivery time. These are –

  • Rural route addresses
  • Cemeteries
  • Secured buildings
  • PO Box
  • Locked Bag address
  • Intensive care units
  • Military, Air force or Naval bases
  • Ships
  • Jails and Mines, etc.

Apart from these places, there are some situations like hospital, businesses or universities deliveries which do not allow our delivery guy to deliver the order to the intended person. Such situations are out of our control. Hence, we usually deliver the order at the reception, taking the recipients sign (or equivalent) as proof of delivery.

In case of hospital deliveries, make sure that the patient is admitted at the time we deliver the flowers. If she/he is discharged from the hospital, we can offer re-delivery service but only at extra charges.

For any questions or notices, please feel free to contact

Also before processing the order please read the return policies carefully.

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