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Say Goodbye to Autumn Flowers & Welcome Winter Flowers in Melbourne

While autumn in Melbourne has been a season to behold, it is exciting to welcome winter, its blooms and the activities it brings to the city. But before we fully step into the new season, let's appreciate the autumn season and how it brought beauty to Melbourne. 

April, the beginning of Autumn in Australia, had brought a burst of colours to different areas of the country. Many parks like Fitzroy Gardens, Ardie Park, and Royal Botanic Gardens lit up with autumn leaves and autumn flowers in Melbourne. But as the late autumn passes us by, we recall all these colourful autumn blooms:

  • Autumn Sage, also known as Salvia Greggi, are tough perennials with hundreds of varieties and colours. While there are different species to this bloom, their shade ranges from red to pink. 
  • Autumn Daisies, also understood as Brachyscome Daisies are Australian native flowers in a pretty purple shade that look beautiful in cottage-style gardens and pair well with rosemary hedges or lavender.  
  • Dahlias are one of the most common fall flowers that add vibrancy from late summer till autumn. They have 30 different species and come in different shades like peach, orange, pink, and lavender. 
  • Japanese Windflowers are tall and elegant flowers blooming in the tones of creamy to pure white, purple, and a range of luscious pinks. 
  • The late-flowering Nerines are easy to grow that add a fresh colour to the season with colourful shades ranging from pure white and pale pink to deep red. 
  • Roses never fail to charm people with their beauty and colours. They are available all over Melbourne in full swing from April, especially at Aarvi's Flowers. A fun fact, roses are one of the top all-season flowers in Melbourne


Now, what about the early winter flowers? It's puzzling to think which blooms can withstand the cold temperatures and grow even in the shade during this cold season.

We're happy to tell you that there are plenty of winter flowers in Melbourne that flower well even in the cold, and each one is as vibrant as the other. Come find out about them here:

    • Aquilegias, commonly known as Columbine, is a versatile plant that grows in semi-shade in different species and colours. It's fine-stemmed, ranging from blue to violet to white. 
    • Calendulas are one of the best winter flowers in Melbourne that grow well in cold climates. They're usually found in a bright yellow or orange shade and entice every person to pay a compliment. 
    • Winter Daphne flower adds a different vibrance to the garden when most flowers aren't blooming. They grow in clusters in beautiful pale pink to lilac to white hues. 
    • English Lavender species are hardy and can survive the winter frost. Its purple hues impress people, and the aroma is fragrant as ever. 
    • Pansies are hearty in the cold weather, and their white, red and purple colours stick around, brightening the fields with their beauty. The cool part is that even if it withers in the cold weather, the plant often stays alive to bloom again.  
    • Winter Violas are small flowers that come in many colourful combinations and grow well in shady areas. 
    • Sticky Everlasting is also called Xerochrysum viscosum, a common daisy native to Australia. The other names it's popularly known by are Yellow Paper Daisy, Shiny Everlasting or Golden Everlasting. These appear in gold, orange or vibrant yellow colours.


Many more beautiful flowers will be coming in the winter season at Aarvi's Flowers, and you can contact them or any other florist in Melbourne to find out more about the seasonal flowers. 

If you're still looking for autumn flowers, get flower delivery in Melbourne today before the season takes them away.
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