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5 Things To Never Do When Sending Sympathy Flowers

Do you ever feel that sometimes saying "I'm sorry for your loss" isn't enough? It's never easy to find words to console someone who has lost someone close to their heart. Are you wondering what else you can do apart from expressing a few sympathetic words? You could try sympathy flowers

Without expressing much, they speak a lot, and this gesture could feel like support and love from the people around you. Sympathy flowers are considerate and can convey your intense message through beautiful and comforting blooms. It also gives you a chance to commemorate the person who has passed away healthily and kindly. 

Giving flowers may seem easy, but dos and don'ts exist for this process. It's like picking the right words to express your sorrow. Here are some mistakes you shouldn't make while choosing and giving sympathy flowers:


Sympathy Flowers Melbourne
  1. Don't Pick the Wrong Flowers

Some flower choices will be obvious to avoid, like red roses, yellow roses or red tulips. Skip through all the flowers that represent cheer or joy. You could go for a white lily flower arrangement, symbolising peace and purity. White carnations, hydrangea, and white roses symbolise humility, innocence and purity and are good choices for a funeral. 

  1. Don't Give a Blank Card 

It can be hard to write something that will make the deceased family feel comforted but leaving it blank can give a rude impression. Try keeping it simple, short and sympathetic. You could write a simple message like, "may he/she rest in peace", "always in our hearts", "with our deepest sympathy", and "with fondest memories" all of these are heartfelt messages. 

  1. Don't Forget to Honour their Memory

While picking sympathy flowers in Melbourne, remember to think about the deceased and try to recall their favourite flower or favourite colour. Sending flowers for sympathy based on which one they liked may bring comfort and peace to the family members. Exceptions will always be there, like someone may love red roses but then go for white roses, which will be a reminder and heartwarming. 

  1. Don't be in a Rush

Sometimes a funeral service is arranged at the last moment, and you may worry about where to get flowers so quickly, or you might even forget in such grave circumstances. Don't fret because it's always okay to send the flowers to their home during the week. You can take your time at home and order sympathy flowers online from a local florist. 

  1. Don't Forget to Get Fresh Flowers

Try to get sympathy flowers delivered in Melbourne from local florists only as they'll personalise, understand your needs and provide you with fresh floral arrangements. Locals will always be better than big brands who may or may not guarantee fresh flowers.


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