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Flowers tend to impart emotions to the humans’ body. Flowers of different colours signify different emotional aspects, and each flower uplifts an individuals’ mood differently. Besides that, flower arrangement in a vase or a bouquet plays a vital role in conveying the right emotion to the presenter.

Let us discuss each colour of flowers in detail and know the correct way of offering the right flowers.


Red Flowers

Red Roses Bouquet

Red is a widely known colour that represents love and romance. Red flowers are presented to loved ones showing your true passion, love and desire towards them. Red roses are especially considered the most loved flowers, and giving someone a red roses bouquet reflects utmost love and desire towards them. 


Pink Flowers

The pink colour also represents the essence of love, happiness, innocence and sensitivity. Traditionally, pink flowers are related to femininity, gentleness and have delicate connotations. Include these flowers in your bouquet if you plan a sweet gesture for your mother, wife or friend.


Orange Flowers

Orange Disbud

Looking at orange flowers instantly brightens up your mood, giving you a high amount of joy and happiness. These bright flowers also generate a sense of boldness and adventure in a person. Choose lilies, marigolds or tulips while selecting an orange flower as they are the best to serve the desired purpose. 


White Flowers

Closely associated with innocence and purity, white flowers are variedly used in bridal bouquets or memorial services. These flowers depict purity and perfection & must be included to convey innocence and elegance towards the person. Many florists in Melbourne sell fresh white orchids, white daisies and white calla lilies which you can easily buy. 


Green Flowers

 Green Flowers Bouquet

Green flowers symbolize the emotion of good fortune and your connection with Mother Nature. Some people also relate them with good health, rebirth and renewal activity of human beings. You can present green flowers arranging them with purple ones to wish someone all the above mentioned emotions.


Purple Flowers

Purple Tulip Flowers

Purple flowers symbolize charm, grace and royalty emotions. If you want to send a professional message to someone, consider a bouquet of purple and lavender flowers. And, to find the best flower bouquet in Melbourne, try to search for the ones offering fresh flower delivery on the same day.


Yellow Flowers

The Colour yellow is to symbolize friendship, success and pride. Give yellow flowers to create a positive vibe and showing your deep sense of friendship with them. You can get a bouquet of sunflowers, daisies, roses and tulips to brighten up someones’ day.


Blue Flowers

Blue flowers give peace and calmness to the mind like you feel while watching a blue sky or blue ocean. It is also related to trust and faith a person shows towards his/her partner. But, their essence remains the same when you buy and present them fresh. So, find a flower delivery in Melbourne who delivers fresh flowers on the same day.

Now that you know the significance of each colour of flowers, buy them in single or combination & shower your love on your near and dear ones.


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