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What’s so special about Melbourne Central Business District?

Have you explored the stunning beauty of the Melbourne Central Business District? This business and financial centre has a lot to offer than just buildings and work. There are more than a hundred attractions to witness, enjoy the nightlife, shop, dine, watch cultural shows and visit the best florists in Melbourne CBD. 

Take a break from work to bask in the sun and brighten up your day with flowers and beautiful sights to see.

Let’s Explore the beauty of Melbourne Central Business District Together



1.  Things to do at the Central Business District

Located in the heart of Melbourne, CBD has attractions from centuries ago hidden in the lanes, waiting to be spotted.



2.  Enjoy Degraves Street 

Explore this iconic laneway with mind-blowing street art, quirky boutiques, hole-in-the-wall cafes, alfresco dining and the harmonious melody of violinists and saxophonists that will make you completely mesmerised.



3.  Explore Eureka Tower 

360-degree views are always an astonishing sight to witness, and through this tower, you can see the whole of downtown Melbourne with its parklands, Port Phillip Bay and the Dandenong Mountains from the 88th level. 

You can also step into The Edge, a glass cube that gives you the experience of being close to the clouds. After a stunning view, enjoy dinner at Eureka 89, a restaurant on the top. 



4.  Visit Queen Victoria Market

For over 140 years, Queen Victoria Market has existed in Melbourne with over 600 small businesses with fresh and speciality produce, handmade products, cafes, and fashion. 

Shopping at this market is a different kind of experience because of the events, festivals and the friendly nature of the traders or shop owners. When at Queen Victoria, don't forget to visit the String Bean Alley, home to some colourful independent artists, makers, designers and creators.



5.  Melbourne CBD blooms with attractions

Get Fragrant Flowers - Many florists in Melbourne CBD deliver pretty flowers to brighten up the day. You'll find an extensive range of beautiful spring blooms at the flower shops on Victoria, Latrobe Street, Spencer Street and Spring Street; these are all part of the Central Business District in Melbourne. 

 People love the flower delivery in Melbourne CBD and often send a bouquet as a birthday gift to their work-friend or friends living in the city. You can get the flower arrangement customised according to your choice from florists like Aarvi's Flowers. If you want to surprise someone, look for online delivery florists near the CBD. 

The Fitzroy Gardens Conservatory at Endless Summer 


What better way to counteract all that CBD hustle and bustle than by partaking in some serious park time? Just a quick stroll beyond Parliament House, East Melbourne's Fitzroy Gardens are not only an oasis of rolling green grounds, they're also home to The Conservatory, an iconic Melbourne tourist attraction filled with greenery and some of the city's most attractive examples of nature and spectacular floral displays that exemplifies excellence in horticultural artistry. 

 One of five separate displays each year September - November highlights amongst plantings of orchids, peace lilies, stocks and other species, Schizanthus or poor mans' orchid and Calceolaria or Ladys' purse. It is a floral fantasy exploding with colour and texture.



6.  Visit the National Gallery of Victoria

Established in 1861, this is the oldest gallery in Australia which showcases various sculptures, drawings, paintings, photography and antiques from international and domestic artists. If you're an art lover or have never visited a gallery, this would make for a great start. 





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